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The Snow Lion Stirs



Set predominantly in Tibet, this standalone fictional story recounts what happens when a sister and brother become involved in the Tibetans' struggle to recover their country's Independence...


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The Samurai Revival trilogy



A trilogy of thought provoking novels set in exotic locations.  Starting in BITTER TRUTHS
, the story continues with BITTER JUSTICE and concludes in BITTER LEGACY.



In 2020, when all guns and explosives are banned as part of a global initiative to eradicate WMDs and make the world a better place, the fragile new peace is threatened by a highly sophisticated network of criminal gangs. To counter them, an elite new fighting force of International Peacekeepers is founded, equipped with the most deadly of ancient weapons: the Samurai sword. Meeting fire with fire, the gangs train their own sword-fighters  -  and the ancient craft of forging fine steel into blades that can slice, sever and even sing becomes more important than ever before...

Tessa Pennington lives in London's affluent South Kensington.  Not without her secrets, she is a pacifist, self-confessed coward and deeply sceptical of the much vaunted return to the sword.  However, her close friend, Penny, wholeheartedly supports this brave new world.  Coincidentally, they are also on the verge of making significant changes in their lives.  While Tessa's mother is completely supportive, her brother, Beauchamp, is not.

Some time later, as Tessa's company sells for a substantial profit, Penny's encounters major problems.  Tessa comes to the rescue but her euphoria at this successul intervention soon turns to when tragedy strikes and her lifeplan is left in ruins.

She hires two Private Investigators, but soon becomes frustrated and suspicious of their slow progress.  Despite her own inhibitions, she decides to take up the sword, and, to her surprise, finds she is remarkably gifted with it.

Then, some mysterious attacks on her and disappointments in her private life, goad Tessa into leaving London for Japan.  There, she becomes immersed in the history, honour and techniques of the Samurai.  She develops new skills and begins to change into a person far removed from her original aspirations and ideals.  Not at all sure she likes what she is turning into, she is manipulated by circumstances and those around her, and becomes a Peacekeeper.

The first novel draws to a close with Tessa embroiled in a showdown with those who she suspects of murdering her friend.


Vol. 2:  Bitter Justice

Tessa returns to London from further training in Japan.  Although still with serious misgivings about the violence her own skills imbue, she soon finds herself immersed in a brutal contest between the rule of law and lawlessness.

Her fight for survival and justice takes her from comfortable
South Kensington across the world to Burma, Cambodia and then to Germany.  As her friends fall she is appalled by what she must do to survive and win.   Narrowly escaping death, she comes perilously close to the boundary between right and wrong.  But in the midst of misery, violence and personal loss she finds herself being pleasantly surprised, and a seed of hope is sown for the future.

Then, as the story ostensibly draws to a close, it suddenly changes direction.  Tessa is forced to pursue an entirely unexpected path as two increasingly apparent yet disparate threads to the plot become entangled.  A joint resolution develops into a dramatic and surprising climax.


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The story concludes in

Vol. 3:  Bitter Legacy

As Nyunt, Tessa's adopted Burmese daughter, approaches adulthood she finally decides to take up the sword.  Tessa patiently tutors the increasingly headstrong girl.

Then, against Tessa's advice, Nyunt decides to go back to Burma to trace her family; her new boyfriend goes with her.  By the time she returns to London, she is convinced Tessa killed her father many years before.  A deep rift forms between them and Nyunt walks out.

Tessa is devastated
and cannot accept Nyunt's accusations.  So, despite the considerable danger to herself, she also travels to Burma.

She uncovers the truth, but finds she has been lured into a trap.  She is captured and cruelly imprisoned, losing her precious sword.  Despite being drugged and tortured close to death, she refuses to abandon hope and plots her escape...

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