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Blamed in Burma - Just published!


Blamed in Burma  -  Just released on Amazon!

(Volume 1 of the Samurai Revival Prequel Trilogy)

Taking place mainly in Burma (Union of Myanmar) this fictional adventure story recounts the events following a young British woman being accused of drug-running while on holiday. Eventually she is forced to go on the run in the jungle as she struggles to clear her name... 



Gwendolen (Gwen) Kendrick is a young woman who is gifted with computers and programming. She works hard, is paid well and has earned an enviable reputation as an industry leader in computer systems security, working primarily with the UK government. However, her true love is travelling the world and she always leaps at an opportunity to go somewhere new.

While struggling to recover from the recent death of her parents she decides to travel to Burma, a country she has never visited before, hoping that an adventurous holiday will prove to be the fillip she needs to help reboot her life.

After obtaining the necessary clearances from her employer, she arranges to take a break from her senior role to go on a two-week holiday in Burma (Myanmar) with her new boyfriend Hugo Lefebvre. However, being keen to ensure her work assignments are in good order before leaving, she delegates responsibility for the travel arrangements to Hugo, comfortable in the knowledge that he knows the country well after having been there several times before.

Initially, Burma satisfies her every dream: incredibly beautiful countryside, wonderfully deep culture, long history and an enviable legacy of old buildings, all enhanced by delightfully friendly people. But her aspirations for the trip soon turn sour. She becomes entangled in a police operation to uncover a drug smuggling organisation and witnesses some shocking brutality after which she is detained. She is left alone while Hugo leaves to seek assistance and her situation soon deteriorates badly. She is forced to go on the run in the jungle in a daring bid for freedom. But she is woefully ill-equipped to deal with her surroundings and is soon captured only to be subjected to an interrogation the severity of which makes her doubt she is intended to survive.

With everything ostensibly at its bleakest, help arrives from an unexpected source and Gwen is offered an almost ludicrously challenging lifeline. However, she is far from convinced she can trust everyone that is purportedly trying to help her as there appear to be a number of agendas at play. But she also understands that in reality, she has no viable alternative. Unenthusiastically, she accepts the deal, but remains determined to stay on her guard and trust in her instincts.

However, as Gwen begins the long hard fight to prove her innocence, she is all too aware that that despite the almost insurmountable odds, she must succeed if she wants even a chance of getting her old life back. The consequences of failure will be almost certain death for her and, at best, lifelong disgrace for all those she holds dear. Ultimately, the outcome of this last gambit will decide everything for everyone. It's life or death for everybody involved now. The stakes couldn't be higher.


(Current working title:  In Pursuit of Revenge - The Samurai Revival Prequel Trilogy - Vol. 2)

(Current working title:  Revenge or Justice - The Samurai Revival Prequel Trilogy - Vol. 3)

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